How to Throw an Outdoor Birthday Party for your Child

Do you want to celebrate your toddler’s birthday party without spending too much money and breaking the bank? Well, we have you covered! Stick around for some of our best tips on sticking to a decent budget on your next outdoor birthday bash.

1. Start and finish at a good time.
You should plan your party from between 1:30 PM and 5 PM. That way, guests that you have invited aren’t expecting a whole meal and will be satisfied with whatever you provide.

2. Make it a group effort.
Potlucks are a great way to bond together in food and celebration. Next time you have an outdoor party for your little kid, try to make it a group effort by having everyone bring something small, such as dessert, chips, drinks, fruit, etc.

3. Stretch your planning schedule.
Try not to fit everything in last minute; start your supply-hunting as early as possible. This will give you time to shop at other stores and compare different items for the best value, quality, and price.

4. Consider going digital.
In a Parents survey of over 1,500 parents, over 70 percent said that they sent their invitation my mail. Next time, consider sending an e-mail, text, or phone call. This will not only save a good deal of money since you don’t need to spend your precious stamps but will also have a higher chance of being read by the recipient; a lot of people don’t properly look through their mail and end up throwing away a lot of valuable things.

5. Double or Nothing!
If your child’s birthday falls close to the birthday of one of his or her friends, consider having a joint birthday party; twice the people, twice the fun, and half the cost!

6. Avoid party stores at all costs.
Party stores sell just about everything at a serious markup; For an example, a box of chocolates could be sold for $0.20 per chocolate, $1 for 5, but at a big box store (any pharmacy, Target, Walmart) could be selling them half as much.

Not to mention, Party City (and other party stores) capitalize on your last-minute planning abilities. This extra ‘convenience’ stocking and pricing makes everything cost far more than it should. Check out this video to help plan your party on a budget:

7. See what you can do within your community.
If you have a local fire or police station, and especially if you happen to know any fire or police officers, consider asking one of them to show up in uniform to your child’s birthday party, says Steve Annette, an ‘economide’ from Money Smart Family Magazine.

8. Don’t do anything at all!
When your children are still very young, between the ages of 0-2, consider not doing any big special party at all; it’s a lot of effort for someone who won’t remember it at all anyway.

9. Order online for gifts.
Prices online are almost always significantly cheaper than in stores. For instance, if your child is into Kermit the Frog, you can purchase a Kermit doll for $13.99 or so, while name brand retail stores like Toys ‘R’ Us will sell the same product at a premium, such as $22.99.

While this isn’t always the case, and it certainly does vary between products and stores, there is always a big potential to save money when purchasing products online; this is why we recommend it so heavily.

And of course, there are much more other ways to save money when planning and designing a birthday party for your child; feel free to save money in any other way that you can think of; this is just a few basic ideas that we have. However, we do believe that these particular tips. Could benefit you and your wallet the most. Happy bargain hunting!