Easy Steps to Build an Awesome Sand Castle

Building a sand castle during the summer season can be fun to both children and adults. It’s not as complicated as it looks. It requires creativity and imagination. With a little patience, skills and the right tools, you can build a magnificent structure. Let me walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to build an awesome sand castle.

What you’ll need
A shovel for scooping the sand, carving tools like a plastic knife or spatula, castle decorations, water, sand, a paper and a pencil for castle design, a paint brush and buckets for hauling water.


Choose a team
Get a group of friends or ask your family. Make sure they are creative, patient and strong.

Find a beach
Look for a beach that is not over-crowded with little children to avoid destruction of the castle. Also, the beach must have a lot of sand. You must choose a spot that won’t get washed away. A castle will look awesome if it’s built right above the high tide mark.

Design your sand castle
You should involve every member of the group in each process. Let everyone draw his or her sketch, then merge the ideas to come up with one awesome castle. Use a shovel to draw the outline in the sand. With that, every group member will know exactly where to start.

Begin building your castle
First, make a firm, flat foundation to ensure your castle has a strong base. A solid base will minimize the chances of collapsing. Lay a wet layer of wet sand, and then roll over it with a bucket. Experts have recommended that you make sure the foundation is firm enough to hold the weight of the castle. To get the best composition, mix the sand with water in the ratio of 1:1. Once you’re done making with the base, build the towers. Make sure the towers are well-connected with the doorways, walls and the arches.

Start curving
Curve the sand into the design you had sketched earlier. Start from the top heading downwards so that you won’t risk damaging the feet of the castle. Remember it’s not easy to replace the sand once you make a mistake.

Add the finishing touches
Add all the decorations you wish to. The design touches must be detailed and unique. Add windows, doors, and staircases. Smooth out the exterior surface.You can decorate the walls with drawings. Once you’re done the building, you can admire your masterpiece!

Now you know how to build an awesome sand castle. All you need is creativity and the right tools then you’re ready to go.

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