4 Summer Nature Activities for Kids

Summer is the ideal time to head outside and enjoy some nature activities. The weather is warm, and you can explore lots of places. Here are some favorite summer nature activities for kids which you should try out:

1. Catching Butterflies
This is a great activity to do with your little ones. Apart from having a load of fun, you will also get to learn a lot about butterflies. You can carefully study the anatomy of the butterfly like their legs, their body, and the antennae. You should also carry a butterfly book along with you to find out what kind of butterfly you have captured. Bring a journal with you and write everything which you observe like how they find their food and what colors they are attracted to. It will be fascinating to read the book after a few months.

2. Scavenger Hunt
This is also an incredibly fun filled activity. Kids usually have a natural urge to explore new places. A child’s need to explore is why you will find that a treasure hunt is a favorite activity for almost all kids. And if you manage to create a well-designed and well-planned scavenger hunt, you can teach your kid some valuable lessons. Creating a scavenger hunt is usually not a very difficult task. You have to create it as per your habitat and surroundings. However, if you are struggling and running out of ideas, then you can always search online and go through the hunts created by other people.

3. Rock Art
This is also a favorite activity for almost all kids. Take your kid outdoors on a rock hunting adventure. Explore the surroundings and collect rocks of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Bring them to your home along with you. After that, tell your kids to decorate the rocks by painting the faces of animals or anything which they want. It will also make them more creative. In case your child has a talent for painting, you will get to know through this activity.

4. Hiking
Going on a summer hike is arguably the best way to explore nature with your kids. If you go hiking frequently, then they will get connected to nature right from an early age. Try to pick a trail which has a lake or waterfall at the end so that your kid stays motivated throughout the trek. During the trek, carry a trash bag along with you to store all the garbage. This habit is also a precious lesson which all children should be taught from an early age.